White Bean Chicken Chili

We're as excited about this White Beach Chicken Chili as Kevin from The Office was on casual Friday! Are you looking for a warm, cozy meal on this crisp March afternoon? Come on over to Green Tidings and we'll give you exactly what you've been looking for!


Folks, prepare to have your mouth hugged. You're going to want to snuggle up with a bowl of this chili and never let go. Not for anything. We've stewed up high protein white beans and loaded up on tender white meat chicken, to produce classical comfort food made with a healthy twist. Garnished with classic corn chips, a smattering of grated pepper jack cheese, crunchy scallions, juicy tomatoes, crispy fried onions, and spicy jalapeños for an added kick, your mouth will for sure be thanking you after trying this one!


We're right in the thick of chili and soup weather this March, so naturally, theres no better time to grab this dish. Our chili is savory and filling, yet comforting and lean at the same time. It's our first menu back on campus this semester, so we hope you'll stop by the truck sometime soon to get your first (and hopefully not last!) taste of Green Tidings for the semester!