Warm Quinoa Pilaf

It's official...I have found my new favorte spring lunch! Packed full of superfoods and healthy vegatables, this warm quinoa pilaf will fill you up without making you regretful (thank you healthy food!). Also, this dish has got pretty much e v e r y color in the rainbow, so it makes for the perfect food insta, don't you think? 


We start with a thick layer of tri color quinoa, top that with some roasted carrots, onions, spicy broccoli, oven dried tomatoes, and green peas and then we finish it all off with a miso soy broth. The quinoa soaks up all the miso broth, bringing this disk all back together cohesively. YUM! My stomach is grumbling just thinking about it.

We're not a serious bunch here at Green Tidings. But when it comes to our ingredients, we don't mess around. Each and every one of our meals is hand prepared daily by our amazing staff members from Good Tidings Catering! We take pride in providing local, sustainable, and healthy food options for students, staff, and visitors alike! 


We're participating in Food Truck Thursday today at the Smith School of Business so stop over to Van Munching Hall and grab one of these delicious dishes. We're open today 11:30-2:30!