Vegetable Curry

This menu on the truck we are serving Vegetable Curry, a traditional Indian and Southeastern Asian dish that has intricate layers of spices. Different regions have their own take on the curry base; some use powder and spices while others use a spice paste.  Some curry dishes are spiced with leaves from a curry tree but our curry uses Kaffir lime leaves, native to tropical Asia.


Curry dishes can include fish, meat, or poultry with vegetables, but our curry is completely vegetarian. The types of vegetables included are yellow squash, zucchini, rainbow carrots, and green beans. Our curry has a coconut milk base, making it creamy and rich in flavor. The lime leaves, lemongrasss, and ginger give the sauce a citrus flavor. It is served over an Asian rice called Basmati, a Red curry and coconut sauce, and papadum, which is similar to a thin cracker or American chip that is typically made from lentil, rice, or chick pea flour. Stop by the truck this week and next week to try our take on this traditional Indian dish!