Grilled Lamb Sausage Sandwich

We begin our new semester menu with a local charcuterie, Meat Crafters. The sausage used in our “Grilled Lamb Sausage” is from our neighbors in Landover, MD. This lamb sausage is 100% lamb, meaning there are no fillers. We prepare it in small batches with the fresh ingredients like cilantro and shallots, with a hint of garlic. Preparing the lamb in this way allows the Mediterranean spices to seep in so when eaten, all of the spices are pronounced.

Grilling the lamb sausage gives it a charred and a crisp texture. When you take a bite of the sausage, fireworks of flavors explode and juices begin to flow. The grilled lamb sausage is served with a Moroccan carrot and kohlrabi slaw—spiced with cumin, rosemary, and coriander— and Dijon mustard on a soft potato roll. The only thing missing from this grilled lamb sausage is the round of applause, which I am sure you will give after you take a bite. Let us know what you think by tweeting us @umdgreentidings or commenting on Facebook.