Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?


 Open Monday through Friday 11:30am – 3:30pm. We will be closed during major school holiday breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas & Spring Break)


How do I request the food truck to come to a specific location?  Who can I contact to interview the Green Tidings team?


 All food truck location and interview requests can be made through our contact form here on the website. Generally, we will not be open for business other than our normal business hours: 11:30a-3:30p Monday – Friday and we cannot serve outside of University property.


What is sustainability?


  Sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Green Tidings purchases its food from sustainable or local farms not only to help these farms endure, but also in an effort to help Dining Services meet its goal of having 20% sustainable food by 2020. We pride ourselves on our desire to purchase great quality ingredients and support our regional community. Sustainability does not end with simply the food—we also provide our customers with recyclable and compostable food packaging. We collect compost on-site. In our kitchens, we compost, recycle, and donate unused food to the Food Recovery Network—a student group responsible for donating campus leftovers to those who are in need in the community—whenever possible.


How often does the menu change?


  The menu changes every two weeks with seasonal changes. Our chefs strive for creative menus that keep our guests coming back for a fresh experience. Click on the “Current Menu” button at the top of the page to find our current menu.


Where can I find out where the truck is every day?


   You can follow/like us on Facebook at our UMD Green Tidings page & Twitter @UMDgreentidings for daily location updates.


Do you post pictures of the food?


  We try to post photos of all of the new menu items on our Instagram and Twitter. If you have a smart phone, all of the pictures can also easily be found on Instagram @UMDgreentidings. In addition, we post all new menu items here on the website, under the "menu" tab.


Do you have gluten-free options? Vegetarian?


  We do have gluten and vegetarian options but they vary with the rotating menu. Our staff is fully trained in answering any questions you have regarding gluten, vegetarian, nut or dairy allergies if you have any further concerns.


How did this project get started?


   Green Tidings Mobile is the latest creation from UMD Dining Services department!  In the late summer of 2011, Chef Will Rogers interviewed for the Executive Chef position with Good Tidings Catering, along with a handful of other talented and capable culinary engineers. And so began a great partnership between a chef and company with the same vision.

    When Rogers joined the team, Good Tidings explored starting a food truck—a mobile venue to share the team’s unique culinary dexterity with the greater campus community. After a year of assembling the new catering team under Chef Will’s leadership, working with many people across Dining Services here at the University of Maryland, and forming a business plan, the fledgling Green Tidings—Good Tidings’ sustainable, high quality food truck—was born.

With support from Linda Clement, Vice President of Student Affairs, and Colleen Wright-Riva, Director of Dining Services, Green Tidings kicked into high gear! Chef Will developed a sample menu while Greg Thompson, Assistant Director of Maintenance, began to look for a truck. The rest of the Dining Services team worked together to polish the business plan and the “truck kept a rolling”….

   In the spring of 2013, Greg called and said he “found” a truck at motor pool. Free! It needed some work but it was sound and ripe for the picking. We left it in the very capable hands of Greg and the Dining Facilities Maintenance Team to perform a makeover of epic proportions to our new found treasure. You can see their work in action in a photo album on our Facebook page.

   In the summer of 2013, Green Tidings began officially serving the University of Maryland Campus.


What is the goal of the Green Tidings food truck?


  Our goal is to provide the UMD-College Park campus community with an exceptional, unique, seasonal, and mobile dining experience. Green Tidings partners with local farmers and sustainable vendors to provide fresh, environmentally-friendly and quality dining. The food is innovative and edgy. We move around the campus to a different location each day and we communicate via social media as to where these locations will be. There, we also post our menus. We will change menus regularly, so everyone can look forward to new food options and dining experiences. Green Tidings is FUN, TASTY and GREEN!



What about the Chef’s Garden in front of the Stamp Student Union?


  The Chef’s Garden was a collaboration from Stamp Union Facilities, Office of Sustainability, Arboretum and the Good Tidings Catering Culinary Team. The Good & Green Tidings team wanted an herb garden close to their kitchen located in Stamp so they could use these fresh ingredients in their dishes. The garden was planted by UMD students and Dining Services maintains it.


What are some of the sustainable products /vendors you use? What makes them sustainable?


Green Tidings purchases from various vendors who are certified humane or local. We try to have a wide variety of vendors in the PA, MD, VA & NJ area. We purchase from a produce co-op called Blue Ridge, a vendor that purchases from dozens of local farmers – little by little – and sells to restaurants in bulk.

  The Good Tidings Catering production team helps support the food truck by making a wide variety of items from scratch. This includes our ice cream, salad dressings, smoked bacon, charcuterie items, stocks and sauces. We take pride in cooking 95% of the dishes on the food truck from scratch (We haven’t figured out a way yet to make our own bread!) This way our food is not only of the highest caliber of ingredients, but it is also fresh and authentically ours.