Lamb Pita Sandwich

Lamb pita sandwich? Yes please! 


Green Tidings’ Lamb Pita Sandwich is a variation of the ara’yes, a popular street food in the Levant region. Some say that ara’yes is the plural of arusa, which means “bride” in Arabic, while others say that it translates to “bride and groom.” Whatever the connection, there’s no doubt that the meat and dough of the ara’yes is a match made in heaven.


There are many ways to prepare a pita sandwich, but the essence of the ara’yes is to have a crispy outside enveloping a juicy inside. That’s why we use minced lamb meat—the traditional filling of the ara’yes—stuffed inside grilled pita. While toasting and baking the pita are options, nothing beats the rich blend of a savory meat and smoky grilled pita. 


We wouldn’t be Green Tidings’ if we stopped there. Our Lamb Pita Sandwich also comes with a serving of creamy, whipped goat cheese and pickled veggies. For a dish as rich as this, the acidity of a good pickle always pleases the palette. 


If words alone can’t convince you, come on down and get your fill! After one bite, there’s no way you’ll ever say “no” to this ara’yes!