Salmon Bruschetta

You can never do bread wrong, but you can always do it better; just take a look at Green Tidings' Salmon Bruschetta! 


Our version of this classic Italian appetizer is full of hidden surprises. While bruschetta is normally a starter, our take is a full course meal. Packed to the brim with grilled veggies, cucumber noodles, and leafy greens all on top of a fillet of seared cilanto-lime salmon, this flavorful feast will keep you wondering what's next. Of course, bruschetta just isn't bruschetta without the bread. Beneath it all lies the eponym of this dish: a slice of grilled bread generously seasoned with garlic and olive oil.


Need a vegetarian option? No problem! Just ask for the bruschetta without the salmon. Even without the fish this dish still shines thanks to our creamy homemade herb sauce which deliciously dresses any salad.


Carnivore with a craving or friend of fish, Green Tidings has you covered!