In the fall of 2013, Chef William Rogers and our team debuted Green Tidings, a mobile food truck exclusively serving the University of Maryland, College Park campus. Now, we are thriving and continue to carry on Rogers' vision.

   Our mission is to feature local, sustainable cuisine providing a fresh, new way for students and faculty to eat on campus. Sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

   Green Tidings purchases its food from local farmers and various vendors who are certified humane or local in the PA, MD, VA, & NJ areas. For example, I buy our produce from a co-op called Blue Ridge, a vendor that purchases from dozens of local farmers and then sells the local products to food organizations.  We pride ourselves on our desire to purchase great quality ingredients and support our regional community.

   Our goal is to have Green Tidings serve 20% sustainable food by 2020. Green Tidings knows that being “green” goes beyond sustainable food and ingredients alone. We provide customers with recycable and compostable food packaging and we collect compost on-site. In our kitchens, we compost, recycle and donate unused food to the Food Recovery Network – a student group responsible for donating campus leftovers to those in need— whenever possible.

   The future of food is very bright at UMD. Green Tidings changes its menu every two weeks – providing seasonal, fresh & modern food options to the campus community.  Good Tidings Catering & Green Tidings Mobile both provide a great food quality experience with friendly service. Enjoy!
                             -Chef Tom